Collaboration with the OK Assets Network

The Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition (ONAC) is a part of the Ford Foundation Building Economic Security Over A Lifetime (BESOL) Initiative.  There is another asset building coalition in Oklahoma that is also funded by the Ford Foundation, the Oklahoma Assets Network.  ONAC is a member of their Leadership Team to share information about the Native asset building work we are doing in Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma Assets Network is serving non-Native populations in the state as we work together to build economic security for all Oklahomans.

An Example of How ONAC and the Oklahoma Assets Network Collaborate:

The Oklahoma Assets Network (OAN) met with Women in Recovery to talk about asset building resources for their clients. OAN let ONAC know of Women in Recovery‚Äôs interest in Individual Development Account (IDA, matched savings programs) program information for their Native clients.   ONAC researched which Native IDA programs were available in the state for those Women in Recovery clients who were enrolled tribal members.  ONAC then fielded calls from those clients and connected them to the IDA programs they were eligible for in the Oklahoma (based on their tribal membership and residence in Tulsa).

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition 
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