Our Work

ONAC works with tribes and partners interested in establishing asset-building initiatives and programs in Native communities, for the purpose of creating greater opportunities for economic self-sufficiency of tribal citizens.

For the most recent presentation containing information about our completed activities, policy efforts, etc., please click here to access a PowerPoint presentation that Christy Finsel, ONAC Executive Director, presented to ONAC constituents at the 2019 ONAC Conference.

Click here to find a list of ONAC Children's Savings Account Partner and Mini-Grant Awardees. 


  • Secure partners and gather resources (samples, models, and funding options) 
  • Share exciting Native asset-building innovations 
  • Create peer-learning opportunities
  • Build the ONAC membership base
  • Articulate ONAC policy agenda
  • Plan ONAC events
  • Document ONAC efforts

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition 
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