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Edwards, K. &  Finsel, C. (March 11, 2021). Interim data report on Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. (ONAC) Emergency Savings Account Initiatives: 2015-2021. Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. https://oknativeassets.org/resources/Documents/ONAC%20ESA%20Data%20Report%20October%202020.pdf

Finsel, C. (March 2021). Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition’s Children’s Savings Account Program Interim Report. Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. https://oknativeassets.org/resources/Documents/ONAC%20CSA%20Interim%20Report.pdf

Finsel, C. ( 2016). ONAC Youth Savings Account Booklet. Saint Louis, MO: Christina Finsel Consulting LLC. https://oknativeassets.org/resources/Documents/ActivityBooklet_F_Youth_FC.pdf

Finsel, C. (2020). Native Children’s Savings Initiatives in the United States. Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. https://oknativeassets.org/resources/Documents/ONAC_Savings_Initiatives_Report_FINAL.pdf

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. (n.d.). What is Native Bank On ONAC? https://oknativeassets.org/our_work/Native-Bank-On-ONAC

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. (n.d.). ONAC provides seven programs. https://oknativeassets.org/our_work/ONAC-programs/

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. (2021). Resource guide for Native women entrepreneurs in the U.S. https://oknativeassets.org/page-8689/10051528.

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. (2020). Going remote: Providing native-specific financial education and coaching in a virtual setting. https://oknativeassets.org/page-8689/9262946

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. (2019). ONAC Children’s Savings Account Program 529 Plan Investor Education Booklet. https://oknativeassets.org/resources/Documents/ONCA%202019%20Investor%20Education%20Booklet_HighRes_Online%20Version.pdf

Schramm, P. (2020). Native Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program experiences of providing remote and/or socially distanced services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. https://oknativeassets.org/resources/Documents/Native%20VITA%20Site%20Experiences%20with%20Providing%20Remote%20and%20Socially%20Distanced%20VITA%20Services.pdf

Scott, D. (2020). Native women business owners: Building assets, strengthening their communities, and working to close the women’s wealth gap. Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. https://oknativeassets.org/resources/Documents/ONAC%20Data%20Summary%20Report%20Native%20Women%20Business%20Owners.pdf

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2015 Annual Report

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2020 Annual Report

Research Related to ONAC Published By Other Authors 

Banks, K., Ratinoff, E., & Baker, C. (2021). Investing in Financial Coaching with a Racial Equity Lens. Asset Funders Network. https://assetfunders.org/resource/financial-coaching-with-a-racial-equity-lens/

Collins, J. M. & Lorenz, K. (2020). Achieving Financial Resilience in the Face of Financial Setbacks. Asset Funders Network. https://assetfunders.org/resource/achieving-financial-resilience-in-the-face-of-financial-setbacks-2/

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