Our Work

ONAC supports tribes and Native-led nonprofits interested in establishing asset-building initiatives and programs in Native communities. ONAC also acts as a direct service provider and administers various asset building programs that benefit Native families in the U.S. 

Click here to find a list of ONAC Children's Savings Account Partner and Mini-Grant Awardees. 


  • Secure partners and gather resources (samples, models, and funding options) 
  • Share exciting Native asset-building innovations 
  • Create peer-learning opportunities
  • Evaluate and document Native asset building programs
  • As an intermediary funder, provide funding to tribes and Native-led nonprofits to support their efforts to administer asset building programs
  • Administer national Native-led networks for Native Bank On ONAC and the national Native EITC/VITA Network
  • Directly administer asset building programs such as financial coaching, down payment assistance, seed funding of Children's Savings Accounts and family emergency savings accounts, emergency cash assistance, and support for Native women entrepreneurs in the U.S.
  • Plan ONAC events
  • Document ONAC efforts

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition 
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